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  •  "Fantastic experience, well structured, learned lots here." - Josh Bonnell, Canada, 22.07.-16.08.2013


  • "Everyone at Zlatoust was incredibly helpful and friendly." - Aaron Petrie, Canada, 22.07-16.08.2013 ____________________________________________________________________________
  • "Good school, nice experience, efficient team." - Alenka Bonnard, Switzerland, 05.08-16.08.2013

  • "I really like this school & I always received sufficient help when I had a problem/question." - Lisa Schator, Austria, 16.07- 09.08.2013
  • "It was really nice and I learned Russian a little better." - Belen del Peso Sanchez, Spain, 01.07-12.07.2013.

  • "Ирина  очень хороший и опытный учитель по РКИи очень добрый,и с ней можно обсуждать разные личные темы.В школе все очень ответственные и быстро отвечают на вопросы, отвечают на желания учащегося. Это совсем другое от других заведений в России"- Miyuki Unno, Japane, 17.06-21.06.2013
  • "I felt well and I think it is a good place to learn Russian". - Gabriele Zambal-Bauer, Austria, 26.11-07.12.2012

  • "It's a professional school". - Helle Dahlgren, Denmark, 11.09 - 09.10.2012
  • "Teacher is very nice and it was a great help that she speaks German. It was very nice with her and she laugh us well". - Iris Barborik, Austria, 24-28.09.2012
  • "Very helpful and well-organised". - Petra Artner, England, 20-31.08.2012
  • "Good level and quality of tutition, friendly and peacefull atmosphere". - Arto Juvonen , Finland, 26.06 - 30.08.2012
  • "Excellent; very well organised; it is adequated in all senses if you want to learn Russian. I really could improve my knowledge of the language". - Humberto H. Bezuska, Brasil, 05.07 - 03.08.2012
  • "Златоуст соединяет приятную атмосферу с высоким профессионализмом". - Xenia Fabiani, Austria, 16-27.07.2012

  • "Professional, very good organised" - Hazairin R.Junep, Indonesia, 23-27.07.2012
  • "I would like to learn in this school again in a near future". - Carlos Borgas Orus, Spain, 03-27.07.2012
  • "I can only say that it was a pleasure to be here and take part at the course. It's really possible to improve your knowledge. Everything was good and I can recommend you school". - Henrik Leinert, Germany, 23-27.07.2012
  • "Very professional". - Susanne Nielsen, Denmark, 16-20.07.2012
  • "I contacted the school quite late but everything was arranged very fast". - Antti Tillanen, Finland, 13-16.07.2012
  • "Nice and serious people. Teacher is an excellent pedagog. She brought me a lot of russian knowledge". - Joele Taly, France, 23.06 - 06.07.2012
  • "Very nice, well organized". - Julian Erhardt, Austria, 20-28.06.2012
  • "Competent, good service, good teachers". - Sebastian Pfann, Austria, 20-28.06.2012
  • "Excellent tuition, very good service, friendly". - Alberto Grillo, Italy, 25.05-02.06.2012
  • "Positive, friendly, professional, good organized". - Peter Meijers, Nerthelands, 14-18.11.2011
  • "Very good administration and nice people". - Marie-Laurence Eliard, France, 24.10-04.11.2011
  • "I think I was in good hands and I learnt a lot". -Alina Groschope, Austria, 19-25.10.2011
  • "I liked it a lot and think that it has a high standart". - Sandra Cerveny, Austria, 19-25.10.2011
  • "Good course for individual training". - Norbert Schraner, Switzerland, 17-28.10.2011
  • "Good. Thank you for organisation and flexibility". - Hans-Joerg Koelbl, Austria, 03-07.10.2011
  • "Very useful!" - Andre Roelants, Belgium, 04-09.09.2011 
  • "Everything was very good, all they have promised I could do. A good company". - Henrik Leinert, Germany, 15-26.08.2011
  • "A profesional institution. The instructor was great. Great impression". - Haakon Bingen, Norway, 01-25.08.2011
  • "Very nice people, students and teacher. I learnt a lot of new things and it really helped me for my language skills". - Christina Klammler, Austria, 01-19.08.2011
  • "Once in a lifetime opportunity. It is safe. Learn so much in a short time". - Jacob Cyril Theriault, Canada, 23.07-18.08.2011
  • "Good teacher and organisation". - Sanja Grabez, Serbia, 01-05.08.2011
  • "Good, friendly, effective". - Marko Savikko, Finland, 18.07-05.08.2011
  • "Absolutely ok". - Erich Rieder, Switzerland, 04-08.07.2011
  • "Clean rooms, friendly stuff, очень хорошая учительница :)" - Dana Braunsdorf, Germany, 20-24.06.2011
  • "Very good course, excellent atmosphere". - Gilles Bertrand, France, 16-29.06.2011
  • "The welcome was good, the organization was very good, the course given by Elena was very good". - Maurits Wouters, Belgium, 04-05.06.2011
  • "I would recommend Zlatoust because of the quality of the teachers (very competent), individual teaching and very nice personel". - Dan Landewall, Sweden, course 04-08.04.2011
  • "Very well organized, friendly, simple, excellent teacher". - Javier Arregui, Spain, course 16-20.08.2010
  • "It's a serious institute for learning Russian. Good organisation and good teacher", - Paolo Flamini, Italy, 19.07-08.08.2010
  • “Very professional, helpful and well-organized”. – Tomoko Miyata, Japan, course 05-09.07.2010
  •   “Everything was great: organization, teacher (really a good teacher)”. – Marc-Olivier Gagne, Canada, course 28.06-09.07.2010
  • “Well-organized. I recommend “Zlatoust to my friends because it is easy to find the right level  for each one ”. – Mauro Padovani, Italy, course 05-09.10.2009
  • “It was really nice. I enjoyed really much!” – Mojca Cergolj, Slovenia, course 29.06-17.07.2009
  •  “Good and friendly atmosphere. Modern books.” – Jeanne Corneille, France, course 20.04-14.05.2009
  •  “It was nice. I really liked it!”. – Alfred Wolff, Austria, course 15-19.09.2008
  •  “Very good organized, nice people working, everything on time”. – Nika Misija, Croatia, course 22-25.07.2008
  •  “Professional courses tailored for foreign students”. – Mateja, Slovenia, course 17.06-15.07.2008
  • “I liked the personal atmosphere at Zlatoust very much and looked forward to the course every day!”. – Johannes Dafinger, Germany, course 13.08-07.09.2007
  • “High quality course, welcoming teacher, friendly stuff”. – Jera Petricek, Slovenia, course 16-27.07.2007
  • “Friendly, professional and committed to it’s students”. -  Emma Wood, USA, 19.06-20.07.2007
  • “Very good. I wanted intensive course and that is what I definitely got”. – Jouni Tornianen, Finland, course 04-12.12.2006