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Courses of Russian

Courses type and prices – WINTER 2017/2018

We offer:

• Individual lessons for all levels of language proficiency with experienced teachers, authors of our teaching textbooks;
• Group lessons (mini-groups and groups for 4 or 6 people);
• Preparation courses: The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL);
• Russian language teaching methods course;
• Linguistic internships for students;
• Educational internships for students (direction: Russian language and literature, hotel industry, practice in museums).

Zlatoust textbook, practical lesson with the teacher in one of the museums are included in the final price.


Individual lessons
Price for 1 academic hour (46 minutes) is 18 euro
Student chooses the most appropriate timetable
Individual lessons, 15 ac. hours per week
270 euro
Individual lessons, 20 ac. hours per week
360 euro
Individual lessons, 30 ac. hours per week
540 euro
Individual lessons, 40 ac. hours per week
 720 euro



Group lessons

Depending on the starting of group courses

Group/Mini-group lessons (2-3 people), 15 ac. hours per week

160 euro

Group/Mini-group lessons (2-3 people), 20 ac. hours per week

200 euro

Group lessons (4-6 people), 15 ac. hours per week

120 euro

Group lessons (4-6 people), 20 ac. hours per week

160 euro



Mixed lessons

Group lessons + individual lessons

Group lessons (15 ac.h.) + individual lessons (10 ac.h.)

340 euro

Group lessons  (20 ac.h.) + individual lessons (10 ac.h.)

380 euro

TORFL Preparation course

From 20 ac.h. to 180 ac.h. per week. Material for the preparation is included in the price

Individual lessons, TORFL preparation, 20 ac.h.

440 euro



This winter we offer accommodation at the hotel “Zlatoust Comfort” with a 25% discount, providing that you’ve bought Russian language course in Zlatoust school (20 ac.h. minimum)

Dear guests of our site!

We wish you happy New Year and hope that all your dreams will come true this year!

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