While St. Petersburg itself has more than enough to keep visitors entertained and absorbed for countless days of sightseeing, the city's surroundings are also rich in places of interest.


Peterhof, a former Emperor’s residence, the Russian Versailles is located about 30 km from the center of St. Petersburg. It is one of the most visited places among the points of interest in Russia. Its fame were gained because of a rich history and famous architects who worked on the construction of the most beautiful walls and palace chambers. If you are ever lucky to visit Peterhof, you will never forget that journey.


This beautiful suburb located in just a 40 minutes from Saint-Petersburg. Pavlovsk is famous for its wonderful palace and park ensemble, which construction began during the reign of the Emperor Paul I and was finished after his death. It is the last summer royal residence, which was constructed by Romanov dynasty around Saint-Petersburg.


Oranienbaum is the only suburb which didn't undergo destruction by fascist aggressors during World War II. Damaged, but not destroyed in the years of war, palaces museums and parks of the city of Lomonosov have kept decorative furniture of the 18th century in all the originality. Therefore they are of huge art value as the original architectural monuments and can familiarize us with the history and art of the past.


Pushkin is a city south of Saint Petersburg and counts since 1998 as one of its quarters. In here is one of the most beautiful residence ensemble of the world. There are so many parks and palaces which are amazing. The most important attractions in this city are probably the Pushkin Museum, the summer residence of the Russian tsars, Catherine Park and the city center of this town. 


Kronstadt is located 30 km west from St. Petersburg on the Kotlin Island and is connected with the banks of the Finnish Gulf by a dam (The Saint-Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex). Kronstadt was constructed as a naval fortress and a base of the Russian Baltic Fleet. As a monument of fortification, Kronstadt is included in the UNESCO’s list of the World Heritage Objects.


Gatchina palace and park complex is rightfully considered to be one of the best examples of romantic style of landscape parks. With its unique spirit it becomes an addition to the pearls ring of Saint Petersburg suburban Tsar Residences. A harmonious combination of lakes, rivers, and a great variety of picturesque islands gives Gatchina palace and park complex special poetry and unique brightness. 

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